Sunday, November 18, 2012


Machine vision is all about solving problems: that’s why we love it so much. (Well it isn’t the money, that’s for sure!) And looking at how other people solve problems is a good way to generate ideas for those on our own desk. So take a look at “Linescan Camera System Scores a Hole in One” on the Vision Systems Design website (September 1st, 2012.)

Yes, it’s a golf-related application, but as Andy Wilson notes, don’t let that distract you from what’s going on, vision-wise.

This is a three linescan camera system that locates and inspects print on a spherical object, (a reflective, dimpled one at that,) and then performs a defect inspection. Andy provides a link to a movie of the system in operation and gives considerable detail about how it’s done. There are also some good photos and diagrams.

Overall, this is a great article with enough detail to make it educational rather than it just being a marketing piece. I would however have liked to learn more about the lighting. It strikes me that was a non-trivial part of the challenge. And on a technical note, I was a little surprised by the way in which the cameras are mounted. I would have anticipated some vibration issues, but I have to conclude that wasn’t the case, since the system is in operation. (Click the link above to see what I mean.)

Thanks Andy, for making a positive contribution, and keep up the good work!

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