Sunday, January 6, 2013

Who over-engineers their cameras?

There seem to be two schools of thought when it comes to the design and development of new products. One group argues that providing anything more than the minimum needed to meet customer expectations is waste. The opposing view seems to be that the customer should be delighted by all sorts of features he didn’t realize he was getting. Of course, the latter will result in more expensive products, but if customers love them maybe loyalty is higher.

Basler though seem to be opting for the former, minimalist, approach, at least if this movie about their ace camera is any indication.

Watch closely and you’ll see a little tag line saying “no over-engineering.” I’m curious about this. It sounds as though they’re having a dig at a competitor, but who? When I run through my mental list of camera manufacturers I don’t match any to the phrase “over-engineered.” Whoever can they mean?


Vincent Rowley said...

Dear Brian,

I think that you are referring to the following video:



N. James said...

I would wager that it is a dig upon themselves and their past design philosophy. They have often packed their cameras full of feature and charged a premium for doing so.

I'm glad to see that they can work under both philosophies, creating both low cost products and feature rich ones.