Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New release of Cognex In-Sight Explorer

Those of you using In-Sight cameras rejoice! Version 4.8 has arrived. I believe you can download it from .

Curious what it does that’s new or different? Here’s what I can glean:
  • OCRMax now has an auto-tune function
  • Save the overlay graphics – makes it easier to see why something failed an inspection.
  • WriteFTP improved to enable easy writing to .csv files.
  • Some AOP improvements. (What’s AOP? I have no idea but I suspect it’s to do with loading files and understanding system status.)
Should you rush to upgrade? Well personally, I prefer to let others go first, only dipping my toe in once others have tested the water, but that just shows how risk-averse I’ve become in my old age.

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Anonymous said...

AOP stands for Add-On Profile; this relates to Rockwell, RSLogix5000 and communications to Compact and ControlLogix processors. It is a definition for a device, predefined inputs and outputs and a mapping of those I/O. This makes it easy to add the device to a project and set up control and status communications with little or no effort.