Tuesday, February 12, 2013

News about the 2013 Vision show

The big news is, there isn’t going to be one.

For 25 years this veritable orgy of machine vision technology has drawn industry leaders and practitioners to Stuttgart where they gazed upon the latest and greatest in cameras, optics, software, and applications. But now I hear there will be no show this year.

Not to worry; the show hasn’t vanished completely, but it is moving to a biennial cycle, meaning that the next show is Vision 2014. Well that should give me time to save for my flight.

What is behind this change?

Well the statement I was passed said, “VISION is taking account of the request by many exhibitors,” and also. “Decision taken in line with international market developments.” So what do we read in to that?

Perhaps it’s a response to tightening economic conditions in Germany, but I see it as indicative of a longer term trend.

Trade shows are expensive for exhibitors, and their return has long been open to debate. Few visitors actually purchase at trades shows: most, like me, go to see what’s new, and maybe to do a little networking. I know that if I want to see product innovations, and especially if I want to do some product research, I do it online rather than wait for the next show. I’m certain you are the same.

And there’s one other point I’ll throw out: I stopped going to every show a long while back. I found I was seeing the same things at each one, and there was very little real innovation, certainly not enough to justify the cost of flights and hotels. So by going biennial I would hope there will be more new stuff at the show, which in turn will drive attendance and keep exhibitors happy.

See you at Vision 2014!

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