Thursday, April 25, 2013

Blaming the mailman

I’m feeling very disappointed. I’ve just learnt the AIA has appointed two new global ambassadors (News, March 28th, 2013.) They are Steve Mott and Kyle Voosen, who join Keith Ruben and between them cover South America, Europe, and Asia. I can only assume my invitation went missing in the mail.

Now I thought it was only the likes of Angelina Jolie who got to be global ambassadors. I’ve met Kyle, but talented though he is, he’s no Angelina. But maybe he’ll be more effective in the role of “educat[ing] and support[ing] the growth of the vision and imaging industry” than she would be.

There again, who’d draw most visitors to a trade show?


Kyle V said...

At some point I'll bet Brad Pitt has wished Angelina was better at LabVIEW, so I guess we're even.

Thanks B Grey! All the best,


EC said...

Though I can understand your disappointment, I had the chance to take a beer with Steve after one of these AIA conferences and he is certainly a capable replacement to Angelina. Understood he might not have the same left profile, but he can certainly compensate with his intellect. I guess it depends if you intend to have a long conversation or a short one!!