Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fast, really fast

I’m a simple soul and big numbers impress me. Take the 963 hp LaFerrari for example. I’d probably never use all that power, but wouldn’t it be great to have on tap?

The same goes for the slightly less sexy IC-X25CXP camera from ISVI. Using the CoaXPress interface, this can churn out a 25 Mp image at the stunning rate of 72fps. Right now I’m struggling to think of an application, but wouldn’t it be a fantastic tool to have in the lab?

There’s no pricing info on the makers website, and I’m not going to waste their time by asking any more than I’d waste the Ferrari salesman’s time by begging for a test drive, but I will take a guess. I’m thinking this hot little model is going to run $18 - $22,000. Sadly, I can’t justify that without an application, but maybe one day …

And when the day arrives that you see banner ads all over this blog, you’ll know I’m saving for my Ferrari.

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