Sunday, April 7, 2013

Patent wars

Cognex is going after Microscan, claiming its Mobile Hawk DataMatrix codereader infringes a Cognex patent. (Yahoo Finance, April 2nd, 2013.) Unsurprisingly, Microscan asserts that Cognex’s claim is “without merit.”

One wonders what’s really going on. Could Microscan really have stolen Cognex’s ideas and put them out in the Hawk?

Seems unlikely to me. Cognex is a pretty litigious company and they like to protect their intellectual property. It looks to me more like a shot across the bows. By forcing Microscan to spend a lot of time and energy defending themselves Cognex is putting them on notice that they will not give up market share without a very expensive fight.

Can Microscan afford that fight? I suspect not, so eventually some deal will be worked out. My bet is that Cognex will agree to go away if Microscan stays off their turf.

Perhaps Microscan should be flattered that Cognex is taking them seriously!


Anonymous said...

This is a usual pattern of Cognex. So far, they sued Matrox and MVTec, but always lost. It's likely that they just try to bankrupt smaller companies.

Anonymous said...

Datamatrix was once Microscan/RSVI/Acuity turf. In fact, weren't they the ones that invented the Datamatrix code, then placed it in the public domain? Not to say that Cognex hasn't contributed new ideas. But the irony must really burn the people at Microscan.