Sunday, May 19, 2013

Seeing the potential in 3D

3D imaging and inspection seems to be the new frontier in terms of machine vision innovation. There’s lots of application work going on, and on the back of that, there’s quite a bit of Mergers and Acquisitions activity too.

Most recently (May 8th, 2013,) LMI announced their purchase of white light scanner company 3D3 Solutions. That’s interesting for two reasons. First, it broadens LMI out beyond their laser triangulation base, and second, LMI is itself part of AVT parent, Augusta Technologie. So Augusta are clearly very serious about being a force in machine vision. (And it’s probably their financial muscle that has allowed LMI to launch a slew of new and improved products.)

In the same vein, although it’s hardly news, back in November of 2011 measurement specialists L.S. Starrett acquired laser profile company Bytewise, adding their products to the Starrett range.

So it seems to me I need to launch my 3D business quickly, then start a bidding war between those who are getting left out. Anyone care to join me?

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Anonymous said...

There's lot more to do in software side than just snapping the 3D images..