Wednesday, June 12, 2013

3D scanner uses structured light

As you’ll hear in this video, the fastCHECK surface inspection system isn’t exactly novel. As others before them, it uses structured light to illuminate a scene and acquire depth data. But what is rather cool is the augmented reality method of showing a technician where a problem exists.

fastCHECK comes from Colarado-based startup 8tree. Initially they’re going after the big rivet application market that is aerospace, and when that’s been conquered the auto industry is next. (Just don’t tell Perceptron.)

If you take the time to read the data sheet you’ll see some bold claims for accuracy and resolution. Bold because I think it depends on the surface being viewed and the prevailing conditions, but then there’s nothing wrong with being ambitious.

Meanwhile, it’s got me thinking about using augmented reality in more mundane inspection tasks. Anyone have any ideas?

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