Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Vision “Base Folders” utility

It’s good practice to save images from failed inspections. As well as a check that the vision system is making the correct decisions it’s a useful process diagnostic tool. Get a run of rejections – look at the images to see what’s going wrong or what’s changed. (Often times there has been a gradual shift in something like mold tool condition which changes reflectivity, giving rise to false rejects.) And if you’re really on the ball, you’ll write out a bunch of inspection data on every cycle.

But managing that data can be a pain in the backside. If you do what I do you have a single text file. That’s easy to set up but hardly user friendly. It’s much better to create new folders on a daily, or even shift, basis.

It’s my understanding that “Vision ‘Base Folders’ Creator 2013” is a handy little utility designed to simplify that chore. I haven’t put it to the test myself yet, but as it seems like a good idea I thought I’d share it with my community of readers and invite their feedback.

So please click the link and take a look. If it makes your working life just a tad easier, let me know.

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Peter Mucha said...

This utility may be usefull for some people, but in my case I would like something that would clean out the old files (maybe older than 7 days) and move files that are dumped into a folder based on thdate they were created. I dont want to copy and paste or change settings on a camera every day to save to a new folder. Anyone have an easy way of doing this?