Sunday, June 9, 2013

Putting machine vision data to work

Vision systems have the ability to produce realms of process data. Mostly though, we discard that in favor of a simple Good/Bad decision.

I've said before, that's a waste. We should extract that data and use it for process control: it could the basis for reducing process variability.

Well perhaps this is an idea who's time has come. Sight Machine, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, has a product intended to help manufacturers do just that. Now beyond saying that that it takes data from vision systems, and is device-agnostic, the website doesn't do much more than tease. Fortunately though, they did provide a link to an interesting article published in The Atlantic back in September 2012. “The Internet and Things: How Manufacturing Could Get Better With a Dose of Networked Data” does a pretty good job of explaining what Sight Machine have set out to do.

If you use a lot of vision systems in your facility, this might be the logical next step. Of course, it presupposes all those systems are working properly, but hey, isn't that what MachineVision4Users is for?

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