Thursday, December 5, 2013

The perfect machine vision job for me!

Cognex is looking for a Corporate Communications Manager to work in their Natick, MA, Headquarters. The job description says, “The ideal candidate is smart, talented and funny with a creative writing style.”

Does that sound like me or what?!! And even better, I actually know a little bit about machine vision and Cognex. But wait, reading further, I spotted this line: “Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Communications or a related field is required; Master’s Degree a plus.”

Well there's a problem. My Master's is in a technical field, not those they've listed. And here's another requirement: “Experience in comedy or sketch writing preferred.”

So Cognex are going into the stand-up business? Now that's interesting.

I would have been so good in the role, but I turned down that writing gig for Saturday Night Live. Now I'll never get to work for Cognex. :(

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