Saturday, April 11, 2015

Summarizing your 3D options

One of my takeaways from Automate was that 3D is no longer a novelty, at least not as regards robot guidance. Pretty much every robot integrator with a Fanuc on their stand also had 3D system in place. These all used the same DLP approach where a series of lines are projected in quick succession onto the target surface.

Andy Wilson summarizes this, and all the other options, in “Choosing a 3D vision system for automated robotics applications” which was published on the Vision Systems Design website back in December 2014. It’s a very comprehensive and I don’t think he omits a single camera-based method. (He doesn’t mention LIDAR or time-of-flight methods.)

If you have any interest in robot guidance I’d encourage you to read his article. Even if you’re more interested in part inspection, as I am, it’s an excellent primer. Ever helpful, Andy includes links to the many camera and illumination companies with something to offer the 3D imaging world. It’s something you might want to bookmark.

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