Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Trade Show Etiquette

Companies spend a lot of money on their trade show displays. I wonder why they don’t invest a little in teaching their staff how to behave.

Slouching on a chair in the corner, checking email or texts on phones, and even chewing gum. I think I saw it all as I prowled the aisles at Automate, and it was not a pretty sight. The worst offender though was a robot company who’d crammed their stand with white-shirted salesmen. I got the impression they hadn’t met up in some time because all the while I was on there they were huddled in groups talking to each other. I do have a photo, if anyone’s interested.

So here’s my proposal: before the next big show, ask me to educate your sales ‘professionals’ in how to behave professionally at a trade show. It might do wonders for the return on show investment!

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