Friday, April 24, 2015

The Machine Vision Business Must be Good

Some companies are clearly so busy they don’t want to sell me anything. Let me explain.

I recently needed a fiber-optic light guide. (Yes, I still use that technology on occasion.) So I went to the websites of two companies I know who sell that kind of thing. Both showed what I wanted but neither mentioned the price. So I used the ‘Contact Us’ function to submit an inquiry.

One website let me send an email. I got a reply back an hour or so later. The other website popped up an inquiry form. I dutifully filled it in and clicked to submit. I received an automated reply immediately. That seemed encouraging, but five days later I’m still waiting for the pricing info I requested.

Guess which company got my business?

I know business is good, because the AIA keeps telling me that sales are growing. But if you want to grow, might I suggest you reply to each and every enquiry you receive? You never know where it will lead.

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