Saturday, May 9, 2015

Who’s got RealSense?

Raise your hands please if you’ve played with this new Intel camera technology.

Like a Kinect on steroids, the RealSense promises to make 3D imaging easy. Apparently it came out at the beginning of the year, but between doing my day job and dealing with illness it passed me by. It was only Vision Systems Design’s interview with Arnaud Darmont that alerted me to the fact that this is something new.

I may have several applications, but I’d like to learn more about how it works. I can’t find any details on the Intel website, although a post on the Image Sensors World blog, “Intel Releases More Details on its F200 RealSense Camera” suggested it’s an IR light pattern projection system.

However, commenters in a discussion forum argued that it’s actually a Time-of-Flight system. I’m not sure about that, but I can’t find anything definitive. So, can anyone share links to definitive info about how the RealSense F200 camera works?

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