Monday, April 12, 2010

Talking about traceability

Traceability is one of the “next big things” in many industries, especially automotive, but it’s been around in the pharmaceutical world for some time. Naturally enough, Cognex and others are busy trying to exploit this opportunity, and who can blame them? In an era of product recalls, traceability to the individual item offers perhaps the best way to minimize cost and risk.

Healthcare Packaging magazine recently published an interview with a couple of guys from Cognex on the subject of traceability demands and technologies. Published under the oh-so-sexy title of “
Europe shows the way to pharmaceutical serialization,” (April 2nd, 2010,) this is an informative overview of the challenges faced by companies in dealing with different national standards for traceability.

I think the message they’re trying to get across is, “Buy Cognex and you can’t go wrong.”

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Anonymous said...

You are correct in stating that traceability in Pharma has been around a long time, but the adoption has been relatively slow. Government mandates provides dates that continue to slide. There has been significant investment in pilot programs for technologies like RFID, but it now appears that finally standards are zeroing in on Data Matrix as the best primary option for item level traceability. This is good news for machine vision companies like Cognex, Microscan, and Laetus who have specialized FDA compliant camera based reading systems.