Sunday, June 14, 2015

Machine vision education

Every so often a reader finds my blog while trying to teach themselves about machine vision. Then I get a very nice email, (I love getting emails – it shows you actually read my rambling thoughts,) asking where they can find good educational material.

It’s difficult. There are textbooks, like Nello Zeuch’s “Understanding and Applying Machine Vision,” but they go out of date quickly. (Yes, I know the Laws of Physics are pretty much immutable, but vision technology evolves constantly.) The alternative is online material.

Of course, you can’t trust everything you find on the web, but I have to think MIT Open Courseware is pretty high quality. So you might want to take their “Machine Vision” class. This dates from 2004, so it’s not exactly bang up to date, and looking at the syllabus, it does seem to assume some prior knowledge of the subject.

I haven’t taken the class myself, yet. If I can break away from blogging I might give it a go. In the meantime, if any of you readers out there want to send me a review I’ll be happy to share your thoughts with the vision world.

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