Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Where’s the growth?

What area of machine vision is growing fastest?

You may be thinking that the growth in camera resolution and computer processing power will create many more opportunities in industrial inspection, and you’d be correct. But that’s not the biggest growth area, at least according to Justin Testa, Executive V.P. at Cognex.

Interviewed in ‘
Test & Measurement World’ (November 1, 2008), Testa comments that, “the fastest growing application is industrial identification.” (That’s reading bar codes to you and me, both the 1D linear type and the newer 2D data matrix codes.)

Justion Testa was also asked what he thinks customers want to see in machine vision systems. Interestingly, his view is the same as mine: ease of use, which means both deployment and maintenance need to be less complicated.

To learn more, read the interview, “
Vision market hinges on ease of use.”

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