Sunday, January 18, 2009

Debugging barcode reading problems

As pointed out in “Control Engineering,” (December 2008,) bar code reading is the biggest single application area for machine vision, and usually it’s pretty straightforward. But sometimes, for reasons that aren’t always obvious, it can be difficult to get a good “read”.

Eager to promote themselves as the “go-to” people for machine vision solutions, Keyence have published two “
Barcode Q&A” guides, subtitled “Why doesn’t my barcode reader work?” (You will need to register online for the downloads.)

I’ve read through both guides and found them full of good information. If barcode readers are currently part of your responsibilities, I’d recommend either keeping a copy on your hard drive or a print copy in your desk. Even if you don’t get involved with code reading, it’s good information, and when did a little knowledge ever hurt?

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