Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good news for machine vision vendors

According to a survey commissioned by “Control Engineering” and published in their December 2008 edition (Vol.55, No.12 if you’re searching,) 41% of survey respondents expect to increase their spending on machine vision products in 2009. And over half said they’d spend the same as in 2008.

The survey also asked about application areas and features sought. Not surprisingly, barcode reading was the largest single application, but I didn’t expect to see robot motion control in second place. This could be a function of the small sample size – just 135 people responded – but might it also suggest that vision guided robotics (VGR) is taking off?

On the features front, performance was number one – no point in buying a system if it doesn’t do what you need – with “ease-of-use” and “ruggedness” battling for second place. Again, no real surprises there.

So overall, not a bad outlook, considering the barrage of bad economic news we’ve been enduring. Keep smiling, and keep selling.

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