Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stereo smart camera?

It’s an interesting idea, (check out the VCSBC64XX model at the bottom of the page of the Vision Components web site,) but is the machine vision world ready for it?

Presumably the target applications are those that need 3D, such as robot guidance, but I have to wonder if stereo vision is really ready for prime-time. Most users of machine vision are still struggling to get their 2D systems to run reliably, so perhaps this is a little too “bleeding edge.”

There again, perhaps a stereo smart camera is just what the market needs to demystify the application of 3D.

No info on pricing but a glance at the spec sheet shows resolutions from VGA up to 3Mp and 240 fps, so it seems like a handy little beastie.

You can always rely on Vision Components to try something new.

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