Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cognex ratchets up the resolution

I’m a little surprised how long it took, but Cognex finally got around to releasing a 5 megapixel version of their In-Sight smart camera, the 5605. Specs are sketchy, to say the list. There’s a single sentence on the In-Sight product page, but no indication of frame rate or the processor employed.

For me those two factors are critical in deciding whether to actually deploy vision applications on the 5605. All the resolution in the world is no good to me if I can’t capture enough images or can’t finish processing one before the next arrives.

But I suspect those points will be moot when I find out the price. I doubt this little baby is much below $9K, which means that I could save a pile by going with a PC-based solution, perhaps using a camera like the Pike from AVT, (which I’m guessing has the same Sony ICX625 sensor as the 5605,) coupled with Cognex VisionPro.


Anonymous said...

Just curiosity: What kind of applications you're doing with smart cameras when you're worried about frame rate?

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