Thursday, July 29, 2010

More machine vision business news

More good news comes from Dalsa, who reported their Q2 2010 results on Wednesday. With revenue up 30% and income leaping a whopping 6,467% (just shows how percentages can be a little misleading – the actual numbers for second quarter ’09 and ’10 were $0.1m and $5.5m,) it looks as though 2010 represents a return to normalcy.

A closer look at the numbers reveals something even more interesting. Dalsa is split between digital imaging and semiconductors. The semiconductor side of the business still appears to be struggling, which of course means that the rebound in imaging has been even more dramatic.

Further good news comes in the form of a continuing commitment to R&D, supported by the Canadian government. That will do a lot to ensure a rosy future for years ahead.

When we come to look back at the 2008-10 period I think we’re going to see a very steep V-shaped recession, triggered by excessive destocking and corrected in part by distributors rushing to replenish inventory (based of course on end-user demand.)

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