Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Microscan on YouTube

I don’t want it seem like I’m plugging Microscan – they’re paying me nothing for this publicity – but building on my previous post about their lighting products, I’d like to draw your attention to their YouTube presence.

As an inherently visual technology, I’m surprised machine vision companies don’t make more use of YouTube for marketing and education. The Microscan movies don’t exactly take my breath away – I’d really like to see more “How to…” information - but they’re a start. Here’s an example of what I mean, and this relates to my previous post on their “Hi-Brite” lighting family.

If you look through a list of their movies – more than 50 – you’ll see the views are very low. That’s a pity because this is such a great way of getting the word out. Join me in encouraging other machine vision vendors to make more use of YouTube.

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Anonymous said...

Matrox Imaging also has their own section on YouTube as well.