Monday, February 7, 2011

Learning about machine vision

About once a week I’m contacted by an engineer who, despite having zero machine vision experience, has been assigned a vision project. Usually I sigh heavily and then suggest a list of websites they should visit to get a grounding in the technology.

Well now the good people at Vision Systems Design have made my life a little easier. They have compiled, on a single page, a set of 11
machine vision webcasts that cover lighting, cameras and optics as well as more ambitious topics such as 3D and thermography.

The thing I really like about this series, which is provided courtesy of National Instruments, and so plugs their products shamelessly, is that rather than using video, they make use of Adobe Presenter. This means the experience is like watching a PowerPoint presentation, with the added bonus of being able to rush through the boring bits to get to the real meat.

So if you’re a machine vision newbie, or just looking to expand your knowledge, take a look at
machine vision webcasts.

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What's your list of websites?