Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Cognex smart cameras

My Cognex sales rep doesn’t love me any more. If he did, he’d surely have told me about the new 7000 series of In-Sight smart cameras, maybe even brought me one to play with it. As it is, I would never have learnt about this new range if I hadn’t been wasting my working hours on the web.
What’s neat about these cameras is the frame rates. While 30fps has long been the norm for VGA, and a 2Mp camera might get up to 15frames, the 7000 range trips along at over 100 frames per second from a 600 x 800 sensor. (I have to assume the sensor is a CMOS chip, although that doesn’t concern me: these days I find CMOS quality perfectly adequate.)
So why do I like high frame rates? Well some production lines just run that fast, some faster, but I also like how high frames can give you several chances to see. Particularly if a part is in motion, high frame rates make it possible to grab multiple images under lighting conditions that change subtly. This can be a great way of checking features that lack really good contrast. Another possible application is for linescan replacement. Snap away at a web fast enough and you can perform 100% surface inspection.
No word on pricing – perhaps that’s why my sales rep is keeping his distance: he knows I’ll want to beat him up a bit because the 7000 series In-Sights are probably expensive.


Anonymous said...

I heard it would be cheaper, something between In-sight and inspector. We'll see..

Anonymous said...

I heard that it was going to be close to the high end checkers...