Saturday, May 23, 2015

New software naming convention?

I don’t think anyone would argue that Cognex’s PatMax tool is both powerful and capable. When you need to locate a part in an image and your regular fixturing isn’t reliable or becomes too complex PatMax will probably do it.

But, (there’s always a “but” in this blog,) it is computationally intense. Matching contours takes a lot of digital horsepower, which results in extended processing time, especially when running PatMax on a high-res InSight smart camera. So I sat up and paid attention when I spotted a recent Cognex press release.

New Cognex Feature Location Technology Offers Unmatched Performance and Speed” (May 5th, 2015) announces “PatMax RedLine™, a feature-location technology that reinvents the industry-leading PatMax® pattern-matching tool by maximizing speed and performance.” What this does, or so Cognex claim, is speed up the way PatMax runs on a 5Mp InSight.

I’m sure that’s a good thing, and I suspect, although it’s not mentioned in the release, that Cognex charge a premium for its use. However, it does beg two questions:

  1. Why didn’t my local Cognex sales rep let me know this was coming?
  2. ‘Redline’ sounds like a subway system, (Boston? San Francisco?) in which case I wonder if we should brace ourselves for ‘District’, “Piccadilly’, and ‘Bakerloo’?

Well if Google can use weird naming conventions for Android releases, what’s stopping Cognex from doing the same?


Anonymous said...

Evidently you are too young to remember tachometers on cars.

B Grey said...

Thank you, that's almost as flattering as when I was carded while buying beer a while back, (Carded = asked for proof of age.)

I did consider going with a tachometer theme for the post, but subways appealed just a little more.